The Great British Bake Off

The news broke last year about our beloved bake off, but most of us have vowed to watch series 8’s first episode in order to cast judgement more critical than Paul Hollywood on bread week! This blog hopes to give you the rundown of all the changes we’re likely to see as the show soon returns to our screens. 
Series one aired in 2010 and grew to become the nation’s favourite show, with regular bake off competitions taking place between friends, family and work colleagues. After seven wonderful series, Love Productions announced their show was moving to channel four, would this mean tense technical bakes would be interrupted by adverts for fast food? But what’s more, the show was saying goodbye to our three leading ladies – Mary, Mel and Sue! 
Soon the news broke and oh how the public were outraged… with suggestions the show was following the path ‘Top Gear’ took, falling from fame, would it become the next biggest TV flop!? (You can see what our Facebook follower’s had to say here). So in preparation we’ve done a little digging and found out everything you need to know on Prue, Sandi and Noel. 

Prue Leith

You may have heard of Leith’s School of Food and Wine, read one of her books, or watched as she critiqued professional chefs on The Great British Menu (pictured). Prue is known for her love of food, great produce and desire to inspire good cooking so surely she’s great for the job.

Often between Mary and Paul the role of good cop / bad cop were shared reasonably equally, with Paul playing up the harsh critique role a little more than his former bake off co-star. On The Great British Menu Prue often finds herself caught between Mathew and Oliver’s squabbles and provides strong criticism which is likely strike fear into even the best of professional chefs who present their food to her. Prue’s lifetime of food has made her a strong candidate to fill the huge shoes left my Mary, although the verdict on her success in the show shall be left until we see the show on our screens this August.

Sandi Toksvig

Sandi’s Bake Off role came as a shock to many, with people speculating for some time who would become the new co-presenters, having just recently took on the role of host of QI from Stephen Fry in 2016, Sandi’s name was not an expected appearance. Known for hosting BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz amongst other TV appearance, Sandi also has written and stared in musical and theatre productions as well as writing a variety of books. It’s safe to say that Sandi will not shy away from making a joke or two during filming, but will she pull of pastry puns as well as our beloved Mel and Sue?!

Noel Fielding

The youngest of the crowd, but in no way the inexperienced, having ticked many of the same boxes as Sandi (actor, writer, and comedian) Noel is probably best known for his role within The Mighty Boosh. Noel also competed as captain for many years on comedy and music show Never Mind the Buzzcocks, alongside appearing in a variety of music videos and created his first art exhibition during 2008. Noel’s weird and wonderful nature follows the lines of comedy, music and art and whilst he is truly brilliant at what he does will he be able to help The Great British Bake Off to create some of TVs finest moments.

This blog post wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the wonderful Paul Hollywood himself, so we’ve put together some pictures of our favourite moments of himself, Mary, Mel and Sue, and of course the contestants as we say goodbye to The Great British Bake Off we know and wait in angst for August! 


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