Portion Guide for Celebration Cakes

Below are the guidelines for portions from sponge celebration cakes, is an approximate guide and will depend on the cutting of the cake, the portions are based on 3" depth cakes cut to 1" x 2" peices. 




6" 15 12
8" 25 20
10" 40 32
12" 60 52
16x14" 100 NA

The portions of quirky cakes will vary based on the shape of the cake, therefore our team will be happy to suggest the most suitable size cake for your requirements. For numeral cakes, the following table can be used as a guide, this uses the same parameters as above. 



Number 1 16
Numbers 2-0 20 - 30
Double Numbers 35 - 60

Contact our team to equire about your celebration cake today, or visit our gallery for more inspiration.

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